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Abstracts, & Presentations

Abstracts & Presentations


Nguyen N, Chin MG, Huang KX, Shariati K, Taylor JM, Panchura J, Gishen K, Lee JC, Wilson LF.

Association of Sphincter Pharyngoplasty and Long-term Maxillary Hypoplasia in Patients with Cleft Palate.

(American Society of Plastic Surgeons; Plastic Surgery The Meeting; 9/26-9/29/2024)


Nguyen N, Taylor JM, Huang KX, Shariati K, Chevalier J, Miller M, Lee JC. 
Ethnic Variation in Lower Face Anthropometry on Facial Computed Tomography Scans for Patients Seeking Facial Feminization
(California Society of Plastic Surgeons. Carlsbad, CA. 5/10-5/12/2024)



Huang KX, Taki Labib MA, Shariati K, Taylor JM, Nguyen N, Cronin BJ, Khetpal S, Lee JC. 
Facial Feminization Surgery for Patients with Craniofacial Microsomia 
(California Society of Plastic S
urgeons. Carlsbad, CA. 5/10-5/12/2024)



Moghadam S, Roca Y, LaGuardia JS, Taylor J, Sample HA, Shariati K, Huang KX, Chin MG, Bedar M, Fadich SK, Lee JC.

Increased Facial Fat Pad Volume Observed in Transfeminine Patients on Greater Length of Hormone Therapy.

(Abstract Presentations: On-Demand at Plastic Surgery The Meeting at Austin, Texas - October 2023)


Cronin BJ, Huang KX, Fadich S, Taylor J, Shariati K, Sample H, Howard M, Lee JC. (2023)

Evaluating the impact of race on forehead morphology and frontal sinus characteristics regarding frontal cranioplasty for facial feminization surgery: An analysis of 161 patients

(73rd Annual Meeting of the California Society of Plastic Surgeons. 05/26-05/28/2023)



26. 354-OR: The Role of Clic-Like Chloride Channel 1 in the Pancreatic Beta Cell.

Yaohuan Zhang, Nicholas Yiv, Kaavian Shariati, Andrew Sanfilippo, Gregory M. Ku


25. An shRNA screen in primary human beta cells identifies the serotonin 1F receptor as a negative regulator of survival during transplant.

Rebecca A. Lee, Deeksha G. Chopra, Vinh Nguyen, Xi-Ping Huang, Yaohuan Zhang, Kaavian Shariati, Nicholas Yiv, Rebecca Schugar, Justin Annes, Bryan Roth, Gregory M. Ku

24. A Glucose‐responsive Cannula for Automated and Electronics‐free Insulin Delivery

Stephanie Fuchs, Julia S. Caserto, Qingsheng Liu, Kecheng Wang, Kaavian Shariati, Chase M. Hartquist, Xuanhe Zhao, and Minglin Ma

Advanced Materials

23. Ethnic Variation in Lower Face Anthropometry on Facial Computed Tomography Scans for Patients Seeking Facial Feminization Surgery

Nghiem H. Nguyen, , Jeremiah M. Taylor, Kelly X. Huang, Kaavian Shariati, Jose M. Chevalier, Meghan N. Miller, Brendan J. Cronin, and Justine C. Lee.

Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

22. Rational design of polymeric micelles for targeted therapeutic delivery

Yuting Zheng, Yavuz Oz, Yimin Gu, Nadim Ahamad, Kaavian Shariati, Jose Chevalier, Diya Kapur, and Nasim Annabi.

Nano Today

21. Advances in 3D bioprinting for urethral tissue reconstruction

Daniel Booth, Ronak Afshari, Mahsa Ghovvati, Kaavian Shariati, Renea Sturm, Nasim Annabi

Trends in Biotechnology

20. Hemostatic patch with ultra-strengthened mechanical properties for efficient adhesion to wet surfaces

Yuting Zheng, Kaavian Shariati, Mahsa Ghovvati, Steven Vo, Nolan Origer, Taichiro Imahori, Naoki Kaneko, Nasim Annabi


19. Convergence of Calcium Channel Regulation and Mechanotransduction in Skeletal Regenerative Biomaterial Design

Jonnby S LaGuardia, Kaavian Shariati, Meiwand Bedar, Xiaoyan Ren, Shahrzad Moghadam, Kelly X Huang, Wei Chen, Youngnam Kang, Dean T Yamaguchi, Justine C Lee

Advanced Healthcare Materials

18. SARS-CoV-2 ORF3A interacts with the Clic-like chloride channel-1 (CLCC1) and triggers an unfolded protein response

Hannah N Gruner, Yaohuan Zhang, Kaavian Shariati, Nicholas Yiv, Zicheng Hu, Yuhao Wang, J Fielding Hejtmancik, Michael T McManus, Kevin Tharp, Gregory Ku


17. Genetic and pharmacologic inhibition of ALDH1A3 as a treatment of β-cell failure

Jinsook Son, Wen Du, Mark Esposito, Kaavian Shariati, Hongxu Ding, Yibin Kang, Domenico Accili

Nature Communications

16. Global honeybee health decline factors and potential conservation techniques

Yinying Yang, Yuzheng Wu, Hexuan Long, Xuelin Ma, Kaavian Shariati, James Webb, Liang Guo, Yang Pan, Minglin Ma, Chao Deng, Peng Cao, Jing Chen

Food Security

15. A Superfolder Green Fluorescent Protein-Based Biosensor Allows Monitoring of Chloride in the Endoplasmic Reticulum

Kaavian Shariati, Yaohuan Zhang, Simone Giubbolini, Riccardo Parra, Steven Liang, Austin Edwards, J Fielding Hejtmancik, Gian Michele Ratto, Daniele Arosio, Gregory Ku

ACS Sensors

14. An adhesive and resilient hydrogel for the sealing and treatment of gastric perforation

Jing Chen, Julia S Caserto, Ida Ang, Kaavian Shariati, James Webb, Bo Wang, Xi Wang, Nikolaos Bouklas, Minglin Ma

Bioactive Materials

13. A Safe, Fibrosis‐Mitigating, and Scalable Encapsulation Device Supports Long‐Term Function of Insulin‐Producing Cells

Wanjun Liu, James A Flanders, Long‐Hai Wang, Qingsheng Liu, Daniel T Bowers, Kai Wang, Alan Chiu, Xi Wang, Alexander U Ernst, Kaavian Shariati, Julia S Caserto, Benjamin Parker, Daqian Gao, Mitchell D Plesser, Lars G Grunnet, Claude Rescan, Rodrigo Pimentel Carletto, Louise Winkel, Juan M Melero‐Martin, Minglin Ma


12. Hylozoic by design: Converging material and biological complexities for cell‐driven living materials with 4D behaviors

Kaavian Shariati, Andrea Shin Ling, Stephanie Fuchs, Benjamin Dillenburger, Wanjun Liu, Minglin Ma

Advanced Functional Materials

11. Sustained Delivery of SARS‐CoV‐2 RBD Subunit Vaccine Using a High Affinity Injectable Hydrogel Scaffold

Jing Chen, Bo Wang, Julia S Caserto, Kaavian Shariati, Peng Cao, Yang Pan, Qixuan Xu, Minglin Ma

Advanced Healthcare Materials

10. A broad‐spectrum antimicrobial and antiviral membrane inactivates SARS‐CoV‐2 in minutes

Qingsheng Liu, Yidan Zhang, Wanjun Liu, Long‐Hai Wang, Young W Choi, Megan Fulton, Stephanie Fuchs, Kaavian Shariati, Mingyu Qiao, Victorien Bernat, Minglin Ma

Advanced Functional Materials

9. Local Immunomodulatory Strategies to Prevent Allo‐Rejection in Transplantation of Insulin‐Producing Cells

Xi Wang, Natalie K Brown, Bo Wang, Kaavian Shariati, Kai Wang, Stephanie Fuchs, Juan M Melero‐Martin, Minglin Ma

Advanced Science

8. Pollen-inspired enzymatic microparticles to reduce organophosphate toxicity in managed pollinators

Jing Chen, James Webb, Kaavian Shariati, Shengbo Guo, Jin-Kim Montclare, Scott McArt, Minglin Ma

Nature Food

7. Hydrogels in emerging technologies for type 1 diabetes

Stephanie Fuchs, Alexander U Ernst, Long-Hai Wang, Kaavian Shariati, Xi Wang, Qingsheng Liu, Minglin Ma

Chemical Reviews

6. Biomaterial Applications in Islet Encapsulation and Transplantation

Julia S Caserto, Daniel T Bowers, Kaavian Shariati, Minglin Ma

ACS Applied Bio Materials

5. Stimuli-responsive insulin delivery devices

Stephanie Fuchs, Kaavian Shariati, Minglin Ma

Pharmaceutical Research

4. An adhesive hydrogel with “Load‐Sharing” effect as tissue bandages for drug and cell delivery

Jing Chen, Dong Wang, Long‐Hai Wang, Wanjun Liu, Alan Chiu, Kaavian Shariati, Qingsheng Liu, Xi Wang, Zhe Zhong, James Webb, Robert E Schwartz, Nikolaos Bouklas, Minglin Ma

Advanced Materials

3. Selective monitoring of insulin secretion after CRISPR interference in intact pancreatic islets despite submaximal infection

Kaavian Shariati, Zachary Pappalardo, Deeksha G Chopra, Nicholas Yiv, Robin Sheen, Gregory Ku


2. Specialty tough hydrogels and their biomedical applications

Stephanie Fuchs, Kaavian Shariati, Minglin Ma

Advanced Healthcare Materials

1. Nanotechnology in cell replacement therapies for type 1 diabetes

Alexander U Ernst, Daniel T Bowers, Long-Hai Wang, Kaavian Shariati, Mitchell D Plesser, Natalie K Brown, Tigran Mehrabyan, Minglin Ma

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews

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